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Fitness isn’t just about improving your body, it’s also about strengthening your mental agility in preparation for becoming a leader of character. That’s why staying fit is such an integral component of a West Point education.

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So physical fitness here at West Point is extremely important for many reasons. One would be that it gets everybody to have that mental agility to think on their feet, to react in situations that maybe they don't see coming. It's also a good way to show your spirit for West Point. You can really have a lot of pride in what you're doing athletically for West Point. Every kid is an athlete, which is a phrase that we use here often, and it's very true.

So everybody takes a class through department of physical education every semester, at least one. So right now, plebes are taking military movement or boxing, and the upper classes are taking classes, such as personal fitness and functional fitness.

I spend as much time as I can in ARVIN. I have classes here. I have company athletics here, but I'd love to spend more time in ARVIN. ARVIN is so great. We have basketball courts. We have racquetball courts. We have a rock climbing gym. We also have places for boxing, anything you can think of.

Intramurals are an important part of cadet life, because it's a good bonding way for both the upperclassmen and the lowerclassmen to be on the same court, on the same field, competing for the same goal, which ultimately is what the Army is, because we're all fighting the same fight, no matter what our rank is. So at the end of the day, we're all on the court doing the same job.

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