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Every college has its own culture and traditions. But, with more than two hundred years of American and military history, and West Point’s time honored traditions, the U.S. Military Academy truly is like nowhere else.

My favorite campus tradition is Christmas dinner, especially when the chorus starts singing the 12 days of Christmas, and everyone goes crazy at the five golden rings part. Everybody throws tea packets and sugar packets up in the air. And it's just a flurry of things falling down, it's pretty cool to watch.

So when a class gets their crest, it's the unveiling of the design that the cadets themselves designed for their crest. And that's going to be on their ring, it gets put in Crest Hall, and it basically defines the class's personality. So a West Point ring is special because people can see it from a mile away. It's actually a very good way of starting a conversation with a higher ranking person than yourself, if you go into the army. Just because you have that bond already even though you weren't even in class together.

The main tradition during ring weekend for the underclassman is the Ring Poop. And that is when the freshmen chase around the seniors and they keep them from going out and celebrating with their friends and families. So it's almost a way of getting back at them for making them do the duties all throughout the first couple of weeks of school.

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