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Army Navy Game

On or off the field and in every sport, the biggest collegiate rivalry is the Army Navy rivalry. Every year the rivalry intensifies, and as the date draws near for Army Navy football game West Point’s campus is electrified with spirit!

Everything leads up to Army-Navy every single year.

So the first game was in 1890. It's one of the most historic and strongest rivalries in the country. So the whole week before the game is full of traditions. We have a bonfire Friday night. Usually, we just burn a ship, something about Navy.

So we meet halfway in Baltimore between both the academies. And then the whole Corps marches onto the field. And they take the field for a while. And the Naval Academy marches on the field. And they take the field for a while in formation.

So there are some Naval Academy kids that are currently here studying. And the exchange of prisoners is when those cadets run back to their school. It's awesome. We all welcome them home. They jump up onto the side.

So the Army-Navy Game gets a lot of national and, actually, worldwide attention. It's broadcast for free across the world, even for people that are in the armed forces across sea, so they can watch it. And usually, the president or vice president or the Joint Chiefs of Staff is there watching the game with us. And so it's pretty awesome. All the old grads come. It's just there's a lot of energy in the stadium.

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