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Every Cadet is an Athlete

At West Point, fitness is just as important as academic excellence, and equal emphasis is given to both fitness and academics as part of our cadets’ education. Whether it’s NCAA or club sports, or intramurals, daily life for cadets always includes some form of competitive fitness – because every cadet is an athlete.

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I'm Bailey Bowlin. I'm from Walton, Kentucky. I'm a Rabble Rouser. And we practice Monday through Friday about three hours each day. And then on the weekends, we cheer on our NCAA teams-- basketball, football, hockey, wrestling. You name it, we're there.

So here at the Academy, every cadet is an athlete. That's one of our prominent sayings. And it's true. So we have different tiers, or levels of athleticism here. So you have company athletics, which is like intramural sports at the Academy. So you have basketball, racquetball, tennis, Frisbee golf. And any cadet has the ability to begin a new company team. And then you have club sports. And then we have the NCAA sports, like football, basketball.

I love having guys and girls on the teams, because it's like a little family. And it's funny, because you have some people who will come up to us who don't really understand the Academy dynamic. And they'll ask the guys on our team, are these girls cadets? Do they go to the Academy? And they're like, yes, they shoot an M16 and the M240 just like everybody else during Basic.

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