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Competitive sports are a proven way to maintain fitness, and the U.S. Military Academy competes as ARMY WEST POINT in a broad range of NCAA D-1 and D-2 sports. At West Point, it’s all fun and games for ARMY fans, but every cadet on the field or court understands that competition through their sport is a critical component for developing their leadership and teamwork skills, and especially for building personal bonds.

I think the best thing about competing in division one is going to the football games. The plebes wear all the mascots, and it's really a boost of morale. I think the facilities really help athletes better compete, because it prepares them for what they're going to do.

So the NCAA has Kimsey, which is the designated gym for them, and they can practice there at different time slots. There's also the indoor turf where they can be able to practice all throughout the winter to keep up their skills. So one of my best friends is on the rugby team and two weeks ago they got to play against Australia. And they got to host the Australian rugby players, so they got to build that bond, which I think is really awesome.

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