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Military training at West Point is both physically demanding and mentally challenging. But ask any cadet and they’ll tell you it’s also one of the most rewarding aspects of their West Point experience.

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West Point prepares you in various ways, militarily and physically and, obviously, academically. After your first year, plebe year, you go through cadet field training, which is CFT Buckner, and it's about four weeks. And we stay at Buckner, and then we do training there and then training in the field. And we learn [inaudible], and we learn about the various combat arms branch where we actually carry out missions, and that's really fascinating.

So Sandhurst competition everyone takes extremely seriously. Well West Point invites different teams, sister academies, and other foreign academies to participate in our competition. They do different tasks, like small unit tactics and patrolling and different missions and stuff. And it's a great way to be competitive and to really test your capabilities as a soldier.

It can be really sucky, but I think it really just builds the cohesion of the unit. And it really just brings up the moral when you see your leadership just embracing the suck with their soldiers. And that's what I love about just being a part of West Point and just learning about each other.

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