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There are seventeen different branches, with each being its own entity and having its specific role within the U.S. Army. “Branching” is an exciting step for cadets because it’s a time when each is selected for the type of work they’ll be doing as a commissioned offer in the U.S. Army.

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- Hi, I'm Danielle [? delis ?] and I'm from Tallahassee, Florida.

- I'm Ryan Gunderman and I'm from Western Florida.

- And we're majoring in English.

- In the army there's 17 different branches. Everything from infantry to Medical Service Corps, military intelligence, quartermaster. And, essentially, at the end of your 47 months here, you put in preferences for what branch you want to go into. And branch week is really a way to, sort of, get in and speak to the people that are in these branches. Speak to the people that are motivated about these branches, so you can understand what sort of jobs you'll be getting into.

- Kind of like job orientation for the job you might have as a future officer.

- What West Point has structured, and what's really great about the way they do the branching process, is the fact that they allow you time to educate yourself.

- Branch night is the night all of the Firsties get brought into a room and we're given an envelope. And then we're told to open the envelope and inside that envelope is our branch. It's one of the most exciting nights of your West Point career, because it's at that point you know what you're going to be doing in the army and what kind of career you'll be leading. And it's a really, really exciting time to share with your friends. And really take home the fact that you are commissioning soon and you are graduating soon. And you get to begin this awesome career.

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