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Summer internships at other schools are a far cry from the types of opportunities that are available to our cadets. West Point offers cadets everything from advanced military training to world travel for academic studies or your interested field of research.

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Every single cadet has an opportunity to go through any internship they want to. There's a diverse range. I know a couple of friends who have interned with banks, with medical research labs, gone to Washington DC, shadowed congressmen. My roommate actually went to the NSA last week.

One of the summer training that I got to go to was an air assault school. Air assault school is an incredible experience, and they teach you attention to detail, attention to detail.

I, personally, have been on three different academic trips during my time here. I went to England to study Shakespeare's war plays. I went to Korea to shadow the Army Medical Service Corps. And then I went to Israel to shadow the Israeli Defense Force.

I don't know if I would have had this experience anywhere else. I think that West Point does a really good job at finding your interest and helping you hone in on them.

Whatever you're interested in you're definitely going to find it here.

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