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Grant Hall

Located in the heart of Central Area, Grant Hall is a thriving hub of activity for cadets and faculty to meet, grab a bite, study, or just hang out.

[music playing]

Hi my name's Taylor England. I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. And I'm going to show you around Grant Hall today. So, let's go check it out.

[music playing]

One of the really cool things here are these kiosks. You can order food and just pick it up inside. There are a lot of options. Let's go see some of them. One of my favorite things to order at Grant Hall is the grilled cheese. But my most favorite thing is a chicken parm with bow tie.

[music playing]

I also come here a lot for ice cream. There are a lot of options. Good day, ice cream. Bad day, ice cream. So today, I'm not really feeling all that hungry. So I'm just going to order a hot chocolate. Can I just get a hot chocolate?

Lunch in the mess hall is mandatory. But some cadets come here for breakfast and dinner. I really like to come here to hang out with my friends and to study. Hey, Terry.

Hi, Taylor. Did you pass the FE [fundamentals of engineering exam]?

Yeah, did you pass the FE?

I passed the FE too.


I texted Madison. And she passed the FE as well.

So that's just a quick look at Grant Hall. But you should come see it yourself. Maybe I'll see you here.

[music playing]

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