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Post Exchange

Every U.S. Army base has Exchange™ shopping facilities, referred to as the “Post Exchange” or “PX” for short. The PX is a department store that carries a variety of items to meet the needs of its unique customers. The West Point PX is available for cadets, active duty soldiers and their families, and honorably discharged veterans.

[music playing]

Hi, my name is Alexis Leftwich. And this is my friend, Peter Howell. And we're cadets here on base at the PX Exchange, a department store where you can find pretty much everything you need. Let's go explore.

All right, let's do this.

All right, I need some new concealer.

All right, let's find your perfect match.

Does it match my eyes?

Perfectly. Throw it in the basket.


Definitely need a pair of these. Quick run. Final touch.

Oh, this would go great with those plaid shorts. Oh, girl, these are perfect. Friend zone, girl. Ooh, this is super soft. Oh, my god.

Oh. [inaudible].


Oh, that's even better.

Ooh. Wait till you see it from the back.


And Leftwich on the mound. Winds up for the pitch. Signal from the catcher. And it's good.

[crack of the bat]

Oh, strike right down the middle. Oh, I think this is a big one. Oh, I think I got it, though. Last couple reels. Got it.


Comfy. Cheers. Ah. One day.

General Leftwich.

It's a nice ring to it.

Oh, it does.

And that's the Exchange. Come on, let's go.

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