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The Cadet Public Relations Council (CPRC) represents the Academy across a variety of public relations events including hometown visits, orientation visits, escorting prospective candidates, and Congressional office events among others. Participants are some of the Academy’s highest achieving cadets with the most outgoing and engaging personalities on campus. Learn more about how cadets represent the Academy here.

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The Cadet Public Relations Council is a group of volunteer cadets. We're basically the cadet side of the admissions department. We're the group that gives a cadet face to the briefs and the tours and a person's first view of West Point. We're the first cadets people see. When I was a senior in high school and I came up for my visit, there was a Plebe who was really helpful and volunteered his time and kind of showed me around.

It was an overnight visit so I thought that was really cool, really nice of him. So I wanted to be that for someone else. And so I thought I would just start doing it as plebe year, and do what he did. And then I liked it so much I just continued, and I loved giving tours. And now I'm the Vice President of the Public Relations Council. And I'm very proud of that.

So I'm a history major. I love showing the history of this place. There's quite a bit of it, so I get to exercise my West Point facts, answering all the extra questions that parents are too nervous to ask in a big group. And I like that because it reminds me of the questions from myself and my parents. I like to demonstrate the shelf for them, and it kind of takes them by surprise because I'm not my PT's, kind of breaks the ice.

It's just a fun way of showing them part of the physical program that I really like. I would definitely recommend coming to do one of these tours. It's just a really great way to actually see inside the cadet world. It really just shows you the other side that you can't tell from brochures and videos online. Because you get to actually live it, so it's an excellent experience.

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