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There’s something about attending a school with high academic standards and demanding physical requirements that draws people together in close collaboration and builds friendships.

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Hi. I'm Collin Cooley. I'm studying business management with a minor in grand strategy. And I'm from Orlando, Florida. You know a battle buddy is someone that you can rely on to not only give you advice when necessary, but also to square you away when that's necessary, too. You've got people within your company that you can rely on, within the classroom, your classmates.

This place is extremely difficult at times and without that camaraderie, without your friends, your battle buddies, it's hard to get through this place. And so you have to rely on others to help bring you up when you're down. And you're in the same role to bring them up when they're down. It's honestly a collaboration. Collaborate to graduate is the saying that a lot of people say.

So the honor code is-- it's not meant to scare anyone away. What it is is it's a framework that you just need to observe. And it keeps you in line, it keeps you in check, to ensure that you're just doing the right thing.

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