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Being a cadet isn’t all work and no play, and just because you attend a service academy doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. That’s what Spirit Missions are all about.

[music playing]

Spirit missions are like rivalry games between all the companies. So there's 36 different companies. And so we play games on each other. So the plebes, let's say, would go steal mascot of a different company, and that would be a spirit mission. We hold on to that.

So during formation we sometimes compete against other companies. We have the gator chomp. So we just go like chomp, chomp. We also have the I-2 Moose in our battalion. So they were moose hats and just scream moose the whole time.

When I was a plebe, I did multiple spirit missions. Every company has a guide on, which is a flag that represents their company. So I took the three guidons from the most, let's say, hated, but not necessarily the most spirited companies because they were in everyone's face about it. I took them and I stuck them in the middle of the Plain at midnight so in the morning everyone can see them in the middle of the Plain. And the Plain is a place you're not supposed to be for cadets. [laughing]


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