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At West Point we don’t teach our cadets what to think – we teach how to think. Our academic programs are designed to be challenging and to provide a learning experience that encourages our cadets to actively engage with their instructors and their fellow cadets. Your success is our success.

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Hi, I'm cadet Jordan Johnson. I'm from Whestchester, New York, and I'm a chemistry major. The Academy has really changed the way I think and the way that I attack problems, because it really presents you with an issue and says, go solve it. A lot of times there's no right or wrong answer, it's just what's the best thing for your soldiers? What's the best things for the people around you, for the team, for the big picture? You might not have gone to the best high school that had the best resources, but when you get to West Point, they put everything in you. They give you everything you need to succeed. Sometimes your teachers are going to help you get there even if you don't think it's possible. The teachers here are amazing, and they really spend all that extra time trying to help you get to the best that you can be. And sometimes you're not even aware of what you're capable of and the teachers see it in you and say, hey, I'm going to help you get there, because I know you're capable of getting that B plus, even though you think you're a C minus in that class.

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