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Are you the type of person who enjoys extracurricular activities? We offer numerous clubs and other groups for cadets to explore – many are just like the ones you’d join at any other college or university, but then there are those that are uniquely West Point.

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Hi, I'm [inaudible]. I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii, and I'm majoring in interdisciplinary science at West Point. There are plenty of different things we can do. There's a sailing team, there's a rowing team, a scuba team.

There's some academic clubs that we've got. There's also athletic club, so sports teams, things like that. But then, at the same time, we have hockey clubs to. I know there's a grill club at West Point.

There's obviously marksmanship and riflery. There is a combat weapons team. They get to fire and use some of the most fantastic and amazing weapons that I never thought I'd be able to even see.

We have club night once a year. So that's when everyone comes out at the same place over at [? lake ?] Hall and everyone sets up their little table and stuff like that. So you can sign up and see what kind of things you want to do.

I decided to join the Parachute Team, because I was always just enticed by novel opportunities, really cool experiences, and having a tight knit group to be a part of. After you do whatever formation dive you're doing or whatever and you deploy your parachute and you're coming down under canopy, it's a very smooth, calm, but still intense ride where you're trying to aim on a small target. That's the coolest part of me is trying to master that precision and how I bring my canopy to the ground.

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