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For the most part, life in the barracks is just like life in the dorm. Watch this to learn a little about the Corps of Cadets’ class composition, to take a peek inside cadet’s room, and to see how cadets govern themselves according to the principles of the Cadet Honor Code.

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So everyone lives with each other in what's called a company area. You've got your Firsties, your seniors that are running the entire academy. You've got your juniors or Cows that are that mid-level leadership, that oversee between eight and 20 cadets. Then a little bit below that you've got your Yearlings, which is what I am. And we oversee a team. And then you've got your Plebes, or your freshmen, who are just members of the squad.

So we're all broken down into companies. And they have an equal number of Plebes, Yucks, Cows, and Firsties. And then we have the mix where there's no specific area where there's a bunch of Plebes rooms in a row, so that we can have the Firsties there next to the Plebes, and making sure they're doing the right thing. Everyone has a desk, a computer monitor, a bookshelf. Everyone has a dresser, and a closet, and a sink. That is mandatory stuff that's in all the rooms.

So all the companies are graded in many different areas. So we have academic grades, military grades, and there's different events that we get graded on. Companies can earn awards or streamers for the Guidon. So in that manner, we compete with them. Our company, we won Best Drill Company. There's 36 different companies that go out and drill. And our company was the best one out there. This troop's the best.

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