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Eating On Campus

Eating in Washington Hall is as much about good food as it is about bonding with friends while practicing etiquette becoming of an Army officer. But not all meals are mandatory and cadets have several on campus options from which to choose for either dine in or eat on the go.

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Hey. My name is Ben Laird. I'm an international history major from Melbourne, Florida. Dining on campus, I really enjoy it. So three meals a day are served family style at the mess hall, Washington Hall. Before every meal, the plebes line up on the wall and they say what we call minutes. They announce the uniform for the formation, how many minutes are remaining. They announce the meal, so the upperclassman who get to be in the rooms during this time are notified of all this, and they're able to just walk out right at the appropriate time and go to formation.

For lunch we are having--

This is what minutes are.

--corned beef.

So before meals, we are having drums and bugles that play for a short that call us to attention. We get in about 12:05. The plebes set the table. They present to the table commandant. As a whole, the corps stands to attention and sits down at the tables. And we go ahead and eat family style for about 20 minutes, really fast. And then we all move out from there.

So on campus, besides Washington Hall, which does those three family style meals a day, we have Grant Hall, which is an independent restaurant on campus, where you can go and buy food. We have Subway. If you go to the post exchange, we got Taco Bell, Burger King, lots of different options.

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