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Whether it’s enjoying local life in Highland Falls, hiking in the Catskill Mountains, or visiting New York City to take in a Broadway show or Yankees game - cadets have access to all sorts of activities off campus.

Off-campus life is actually a lot of fun. So everyone has Thanksgiving, spring break, winter break. But how often you get to leave depends on what grade you're in and also depends on your performance.

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So a trip section is basically a West Point sanctioned and funded trip where you go with your club or your team to basically compete or to see something. So for instance, you can take a trip section, go down in the city, and be an honor guard for a Yankees game. Or you could take a trip section and go to Rome and spend a week there during spring break and debate.

I went to the Columbia University in uptown Manhattan with the Model United Nations team here. So that was a lot of fun because during the day, I would wear a suit, go debate in community. And after I was done, I could just roam around the city with some of my friends, exploring Manhattan and parts of New York.

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